Famous people

Famous people born in Sheffield:

Henry Shaw (1800-1889), botanist and philanthropist, founder of the Missouri Botanical Garden
Malcolm Bradbury (1932-2000), writer
Judy Parfitt (1935), actress
A.S. Byatt (1936), writer
Gordon Banks (1937-2019), soccer player (goalkeeper)
Dave Berry (1941), singer
Sir Michael Edward Palin (1943), humorist, actor (Monty Python’s Flying Circus) and world traveler
Joe Cocker (1944-2014), singer
Neil Warnock (1948), soccer player and football coach
Paul Carrack (1951), singer
Sean Bean (1959), actor
Malcolm Elliott (1961), cyclist
Tony Pitts (1962), actor and screenwriter
Susan Ann Sulley (1963), singer (The Human League)
Jarvis Cocker (1963), singer (Pulp)
Adrian Timmis (1964), cyclist
John Beresford (1966), soccer player
Richard Hawley (1967), singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer
Dominic West (1969), actor
Annerley Gordon, known by her stage name Ann Lee (1972), singer
Nicky Weaver (1979), soccer player
Chris Barker (1980-2020), soccer player
Gary Cahill (1985), soccer player
Jessica Ennis (1986), athlete
Billy Sharp (1986), soccer player
Alex Turner (1986), singer and guitarist of Arctic Monkeys
Kell Brook (1986), boxer
Jamie Vardy (1987), soccer player
Kyle Naughton (1988), soccer player
Kyle Walker (1990), soccer player
Harry Maguire (1993), soccer player
Sophie Taylor (1996), swimmer
Dominic Calvert-Lewin (1997), soccer player
George Hirst (1999), soccer player