Sunderland siblings Peter and David Brewis' Field Music have always been a unique proposition; a band that stand apart from tired rock and roll tropes, who consistently question what it is to be a band, who plough a furrow that - since their 2005 debut - has been theirs and theirs alone.

The space that Field Music vacated still appears to be empty. No one else really does what Field Music do: the interweaving vocals, the rhythmic gear changes, the slightly off-chords, the obvious lack of bombast, the songs which end abruptly or merge into others.

On new album Commontime - the first album from the band since 2012’s Plumb - vignettes of North East lives are set to an ever shifting backdrop of anxious funk, sumptuous strings and intricate rock that is always unmistakably Brewis-esque.

Now more than ever, Field Music are something to be truly treasured.

Sam Smith