Lost property policy

- Anything that is left in the Harley bar is logged in a 'lost property' book (this is separate from the hotel lost property)

- Clothes, bags and other items are tagged with a date of when they were found and a reference number unique to that item. Anything that cannot be tagged (ID cards, bank cards, mobile phones etc) will be stickered with the same information.

- Bags will have not been tampered with apart from finding ID to contact the owner.

- Certain items found will be kept for a certain amount of time as listed below:
• Clothes, bags and accessories (including glasses, bracelets etc) - 1 month
• IDs, passports, bank cards and keys - 2 weeks
• USB sticks and phones - 1 week
(Some of these are due to the current Data Protection Act 1998)

- Passports not claimed will be handed in to the police, and ID cards, bankcards and USB sticks will be destroyed.

- If mobile phones are left on we will try and contact a member of family or friends to let them know we have it, but in circumstances where we can not do this and the phone is not claimed we will have to dispose of the phone appropriately.

- Clothes, bags and accessories not claimed will be donated to a local charity.

- Any loose make-up found will be disposed of immediately for health and hygiene reasons.
If you have any further questions on our lost property policy please email nicole@theharley.co.uk or ring The Harley on - 0114 275 2288.